So, that Salt Lake…

So, that Salt Lake Weekly interview is now online. It's a little tough to read in their format; you may want to open the page in Composer or some such to read the text more easily. They didn't put the photo up -- oh well. Was curious. Generally a decent interview, though it's odd how you can talk for an hour about a whole bunch of complex stuff and then it all gets chopped up and distilled for a little newspaper piece. Strangeness.

Paper progressing well; about seven pages down, though I admit that much of that is stolen whole-cloth from an earlier paper. Necessary, though -- it provides a base for the rest of the actual argument. Keep wanting to stop working on it, though -- good thing I can't afford to, since I *have* to get it in the mail today to make the deadline. Deadlines are my friends, truly, or I'd never get a damn thing done.

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