Aha — I have figured…

Aha -- I have figured out a way to circumvent the deadline. Well, delay it a day -- Liz has kindly agreed to print out the paper for me tomorrow and drop it off with her paper. So now I'm back to the original deadline, Friday at 5 p.m., just like everybody else. Which means that I, being a lazy bum, will now proceed to do no more work today (being currently up to 12 pages), and will goof off the rest of the day instead. Woohoo!

Jed notes that that interview looks fine in IE. Pfui on them, I say.

Several of you have commented that I don't actually sound like a radio host. Or not much like one, anyway. I wonder where his comment came from; I think my traces of British accent (leftover from my parents' English) have pretty much disappeared, erased by years in Chicago and California and Utah. Maybe I'm just well-modulated. It's better than sounding like a phone sex worker, at any rate. At least for the purposes of an interview.

Kev and I went to the grocery store. Got masses of food; he had pretty much gone through everything in his cupboards while he was sick. Tonight, lemon-asparagus risotto, I think. Tomorrow, probably polenta layered with homemade tomato sauce, basil and a little mozzarella. Wish Karina were here. This is all Karina-food.

Going to go back to a book Kevin foisted on me; Steven Pinker's How the Mind Works. So far, he's busy trying to convince me that the brain (and thus the mind) evolved. He's going to great lengths to convince me of this. I'm convinced already, okie? Let's get to the good stuff...

Soon, I'm sure.

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