I’m here! In Chicago! …

I'm here! In Chicago! I no longer have to tell people that I live in Salt Lake City! I'm not sure that the relief of that has entirely settled in yet, but I'm sure it will. I live in Chicago. The Windy City. A fabulous, cosmopolitan sort of place. I'm sure I'll soon be complaining about the heat (and later, the cold), but right now I'm revelling in the fabulous cityness of it all.

It's raining here now; beautiful gray rain. Yes, it's all lovely. One of the cool things about Kevin's apartment -- hey, my apartment. Our apartment. Eep. One of the cool things about our apartment is that it's in one of those renovated warehouse buildings, which means that it has huge pipes running through it (and massive steel-bordered windows, and exposed brickwork -- photos soon). I'm discovering that when it rains, you don't just hear the rain outside -- you hear it running, rushing through the pipes. Like one of those little water garden fountains, but more so. Mmm...

Kevin's still sleeping. Poor munchkin has a cold, or some such sickness. He picked me up at the airport yesterday, and when we got back here I ran out to Artopolis for some dinner for us. Avgolemono (lemon-rice soup, which I can tell is going to become a staple of mine), a mushroom-emmenthaler artopita (flaky pastry, very delicious, but so rich that I'm not letting myself eat another one until I lose ten more pounds), greek salad, a bite of baklava. Yum. We ate while watching Frasier and Angel and Scrubs and Buffy and it is so nice having a Kevin to watch tv with again. Somehow tv feels less decadent if it's part of a group activity. It becomes socializing instead of merely tuning out.

I did read some yesterday, btw -- finished American Gods, which was really quite good, although PSS is still getting my Hugo vote. But so far, the Hugo nominees have been three for three -- all well worth the read. And all three have been a hell of a lot more ambiguous than I'm used to sf/f being, which is a good thing, I think. Hooray for moral complexity! After that I started reading a kids' book, Mortal Engines -- more on that once I've finished it.

I have a paper to write, and I'm going to get to it soon, I swear. But I'm taking some time this morning to just settle in. To hang my clothes in the closet (what little I have with me -- the rest arrives in a week). To make tea and drink it out of my Slugball mug. To curl up on the couch under a gray blanket and check e-mail (Kevin made my computer Airportable last night, so I can check e-mail from anywhere in the apartment, woohoo!) and sip tea and wonder if spilling a little tea on the leather couch will damage it. Oops. To have Kev sleeping in the bedroom just a room away.

So far, so good.

So far, really nice, actually.

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