Hey, munchkins. I’m…

Hey, munchkins. I'm back! Sorry no entry yesterday; just one of those crazy days. Lemme see if I can reconstruct...

Saturday Jed and I packed and yard-saled. Most of my furniture is gone, though more given away to friends than sold. Which is okay. There are still a few pieces to dispose of, but I think I know of happy homes for them. We'll see.

Sunday we lounged about, and eventually wandered downtown to see Spider-Man. Fun, but I liked X-Men better. This just didn't have much meat to it -- the story was mostly the repeat of the classic "How Peter Parker Became Spider-Man", and most of the good bits were in the previews (with their impact diminished thereby). Glad we went, though; worth seeing. Afterwards I had to run off to a conference meeting, which didn't take too long -- we managed to settle on a theme and assign people to research the various potential speakers. Progress is being made.

Came home in time to spend an hour or so with Jed before he left for the airport and California. Miss him. In the late evening, caught up on some phone calls; talked for a bit to David and Kirsten and Kevin, but was exhausted by 10 and crashed hard. Woke up at 7 today feeling somewhat rested, but like I could use another nine hours of sleep tonight. We'll see.

Today there's various and sundry little errands. I have a student coming at 10; she wants me to write a recommendation for her, which I'll be happy to do, but I have to refresh my memory about her and her work. I've got two more boxes to finish packing; all the rooms but the sunroom are done, and there's not much left here. I need to hang around here until the trailer arrives, which will be between 1 and 4. Hopefully earlier, because once it's here and settled, I'm going to run into campus and run some errands there -- clear out my office in case they want to assign it elsewhere while I'm gone, mail a few last SH items out, maybe pick up some twine? I'm not sure how to manage this load -- I have lots of boxes and a few pieces of furniture. I'm not quite clear on whether I need to try to attach the furniture to the boxes or whether I just pile it all in there. Still, I expect it won't hurt to have some twine available, just in case.

I also need to write an editorial. The new issue of Strange Horizons is up, with a truly delightful story by Barth Anderson and a lot more fabulous stuff, but it should also have an editorial by me, which isn't written yet. Soon, I hope. After I meet with my student, that's probably what I ought to work on.

Intermittently with all of this, I'm reading Gaiman's American Gods, that's up for a Hugo now (and which we ran a crit aricle on at SH a while back -- check the archives). So far, fun. I doubt it's going to be good enough to take my vote away from Perdido Street Station, though, which has already beaten Passage in my book. We'll see.

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