There were a couple of…

There were a couple of days last week when I was getting really anxious about this move. But I think that may have been the final hump; yesterday and today, I've mostly just been looking forward to seeing him. Occasionally imagining what my things will look like in his place. Wondering if any of my throws will look good on the couch -- that kind of thing. Maybe it's because I've finally packed enough that it's all seeming very real -- whether it's good or bad, it's happening, so I may as well try to enjoy it. :-) Hopefully, I'm done with waffling for now.

Today I catch up on e-mail, watch a video (Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, which I've been meaning to watch for forever), and pack like a mad fool. Jed's finally done with work, and is now officially on vacation -- yippee! Which means that he gets to help me pack. :-) I'm going to try to work hard; if I make good progress and get it mostly done by Saturday, we may take the day and drive out to Antelope Island. Of course, that'll leave me with little to do Sunday and Monday, but y'know, that's okay. There's a conference meeting Sunday evening; there's loading the truck Monday evening, and I'm perfectly happy to spend the days sitting in a bookstore reading the new Miles Vorkosigan book that is now out in hardcover. So no more chatting -- pack, pack, pack!

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