Ginu Kamani pointed me…

Ginu Kamani pointed me to this really rather astonishing Indian porn story site. I just glanced through it, but I have to say I find it kind of surreal reading bad porn about Indians, and written in broken English. Very strange.

It's been a slightly odd day; I was unexpectedly interviewed. I'm not sure by whom, either -- I mean, his name was Scott, but I don't remember which Salt Lake paper he writes for. Presumably he'll let me know when the piece is out in print, and then I'll know. Talking some about waterproof erotica, but more about writing erotica in Salt Lake. Hope I didn't say anything that'll sound too bad out of context -- that's the danger with in-person interviews. You give all these caveats when you say things in person, and somehow they all disappear by the time it gets to the printed page. Frustrating. I much prefer radio and e-mail interviews for that reason. Though I'll grant the in-person people probably get a better sense of me.

So anyway, this guy Scott e-mailed me yesterday and said that he was a friend of one of my classmates and she had mentioned my book and he wondered if I'd be willing, etc. and so on. I said sure. He called today and asked if he could come by -- and if he could bring a photographer. I said eep, and noted that my place was an utter disaster due to the packing/moving thing. He said no problem. They showed up around 2, and the photographer spent a while posing me in my green papasan chair. I'm a little sorry that I won't get to see all the photos he took; he got kind of arty with them. Fun, though it's always hard to look relaxed for these things. The interview went pretty smoothly after that. Scott meant to ask Jed some questions too, since he's in the book, but we ran out of time. Oh well.

Jed's off at the mall now, putting some SH t-shirts and mugs in the mail for me, and picking up his Zion photos. I'm alternating packing and e-mail; there's a fierce discussion raging on my U of C alumni list, regarding the value of the Chicago common core. This is a big complicated subject that I don't have time to go into right now. Suffice it to say (for those aware of the issues) that I'm on the pro-Core side, and I'm sad that they're watering it down -- and this is *despite* flunking my required calculus class. It may heighten the school's short-term reputation, especially if they get much higher application rates as a result, but at what long-term cost?

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