Feedback! I need…

Feedback! I need feedback! I write a story, a tiny little cute story, and not a peep do I hear from y'all. And in two hours I'm heading off to the wilds of Utah, and I'll be away from the net until tomorrow night, so really, you're forcing me to live in suspense for three whole days! Even an 'eh, it's not bad' would assuage my writerly anxiety. Write! Write!

This was especially sad given that my day took an abrupt turn from the worse after I last spoke to you -- I burned my thumb. Ouchie ouchie ouchie. I had to sit with the damn thing on ice (with layers of bandage between, so as not to give myself an ice-burn and compound the injury) until almost ten last night. It seems fine now, but what a horrendous nuisance -- couldn't type, couldn't run errands; just sat around and read (luckily, Jed had brought me good reading, in the form of Chris Rowe's charming chapbook, Is This a Cat? and Mark Rudolph's first issues of Full Unit Hookup) and talked to people on occasion. Some minor cleaning got done, but mostly it was just frustrating.

Despite all that, lunch with Ginu and Jenn went well, and in the evening, Jed and I watched a few episodes of Sex in the City, which he'd never seen, followed by Best in Show, which was kind of funny, but also kind of mean. Not really Jed's kind of humor, but I managed to enjoy it; it helped that most of the characters weren't really characters -- they were caricatures, and so it didn't matter so much that the author was shredding them. Although that did mean the movie was almost entirely lacking in emotional depth, aside from one scene in a hotel utility room that we both found touching.

Now tea, followed by trip route planning, followed by...well, it depends on when Jed gets up. Once he's up, then we can pack. Until then, I'll probably just read some more.

Oh, quick note -- if you're planning on attending WisCon, please come to our SH tea party. They've given us a double time slot, so it'll be from 3 to 5 on Sunday (room 629, I think). It's usually a whole heck of a lot of fun. :-)

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