Woke up and immediately…

Woke up and immediately dived into working on the POD. Yes, I did. Three hours later, I think I'm actually almost done with everything I can do without help. I'm trying to coax one of my SH staff into proofing the darn thing now; I think I may also offer authors the chance to proof it. I'm hoping to actually get the manuscript to Wildside (assuming they're still even interested) within the month. It's just been lingering too long.

While I'm waiting for people to get back to me, I'm going to run out and do errands. Pick up a silver star, new glasses (and contacts!), some glass squares to make another set of coasters. I think I'm going to do "October Song" again; it's not new, but it's the right size to fit on coasters, and the autumn leaves I have will suit it so well...

I also glued the book block for "Minal" into the casing. Looks good so far; now it's pressing under a stack of books, so it dries evenly. I decided the gold cord concept didn't really work, so far that one I'm just going to leave the peacock feather loose inside the book. Still planning to glue the silver star-ribbon bookmark into the other book, though.

This afternoon, I'd like to work on the Due biobibliography, but I'm still waiting for her to get back to me on one last thing. So not sure what I'll do instead...maybe pack. This evening, grad student reading followed by bar hanging-out. Will probably be out late; one of the MFA students from last year is back in town this weekend; it'll be great to see her again. All these transient people...but I suppose I'm one of them, eh? Can't really complain.

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