None of you journallers…

None of you journallers out there update enough. You're making it very difficult for me to avoid my work.

So, I drafted the Ford preliminary questions and sent them out -- I imagine I'll have quite a few more once he answers. Hopefully soon! The piece is supposed to go live in a little less than two weeks...I hate pushing things this close when finishing it is dependent on someone else's schedule. (Pushing things much closer when it's only dependent on me is *much* better -- I can always not sleep.) Then I did a third of the massive pile of scary dishes. Then I revised part of the Due thingie, and realized I had to ask poor Tananarive yet another question -- she's been an angel through all this. It's so nice working on a live author, where you can just e-mail and ask questions like "Was Lucas Shepard's name supposed to be a homage to Lucius Shepard, the sf writer, or was that just a coincidence?" 'Cause my editor asked me that, and really, how else would I know, if I couldn't ask her? "Ummm...maybe?" is such a wimpy answer.

I appear to have managed to stay in long enough that the snow has mostly melted and turned back to rain. Kind of. Maybe sleet? Not sure what to call it. Gonna shower and dress, and then figure out if I actually need to go into campus to do the rest of the research for the rare book I'm working on. I've already taken some notes on the physical book itself; what I need now is more general background info, which I might be able to get off of electronic reserve. I love electronic reserve, did I mention? It lets me be such a lazy slob...

Speaking of which, I'm not feeling ill anymore (I slept like a *log* last night, until Rogelio called at nine, wanting to buy furniture (he ended up buying my dining table, a bookshelf, and my desk chair), waking me up). Which means no more excuse for not exercising. Tomorrow, bike class again, I think.

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