I woke up cranky again,…

I woke up cranky again, but rather than inflicting that on y'all, I just stayed in bed, reading a silly Phillis Ann Karr book, The Follies of Sir Harald. Goofy Arthurian stuff, with a slight feminist flavor. Fun. Eventually I got up, made tea, drank it while making pancakes. I made a big batch of curry a few days ago, and all the stuff in it was pretty much used up by last night, but I had some curry sauce left. Perfect to eat with bread, and since I didn't have any bread, pancakes seemed the best plan. I do like pancakes and curry. :-)

Fairly mellow day today, which is good, because I only slept about six hours last night. I fall asleep easily, but my body's been waking me up too early lately. I don't really know why; I suppose anxiety's the most likely cause. Hopefully this weekend will take care of that, one way or another.

I have an appointment at 10, to discuss my exam list with Vince. I need to revise it some before then, so that'll be the main thing I work on once I finish this entry. I'll be trying to incorporate the notes Kathryn gave me -- she and Vince are the big theory-heads, and it's an interesting balancing act, trying to incorporate their suggestions without overloading myself. If I want to get my list read by the end of next January, that's about a book every three days -- which is fine for the novels, but there will also be forty-five theory books on it, which will probably take me a fair bit longer than three days each. It'll be an interesting year.

After that, I'll come home and hopefully work on the stuff I was supposed to do yesterday. I should have about three hours before I go to the airport. I hope I can concentrate today -- I just couldn't yesterday, and spent the afternoon alternately reading and going ruthlessly through my closet, purging old clothes. They say you should give away anything you haven't worn in two years -- I'm a bit more conservative than that, so I mostly took out stuff that a) was really unlikely to ever fit again (usually cotton things that had shrunk down to teeny-tiny), or b) I hadn't worn in three or four years. Heck, there was some stuff there that I hadn't worn since college -- I used to be big into vests. I can't remember the last time I wore a vest. It's been at least five years, and possibly closer to ten.

My closet looks so much saner! It was crammed with clothes, many of which I never wore, which made it hard to get to the ones I did wear. I filled three boxes with clothes I didn't want (one box was just a few sweaters and some shoes, but the others held a fair number of clothes). Oddly satisfying. I wish Karina or Karen or Heather could be here to come and pick through these -- I think they'd like a lot of them. But hopefully Jenn and Marcia will take a fair number away; some of these are practically new, so I'd really rather see them go to friends than Goodwill.

I ended up trying on a lot of clothes in the process, and I was pleased to find that I really could fit into most of my clothes pretty well, that some things which had been looking tight now looked fine, and that there were even one or two items that were just too big for me! Too big! Very exciting. :-) I'm currently about sixteen pounds down from my highest weight; the weight loss appears to have slowed. I suspect that I've gotten close to as far as I'm going to get on careful diet and sit-ups alone; I see some aerobic exercise in my future. Dance classes, maybe? I just find gyms appallingly depressing. All those fit people in tight clothes bouncing along mindlessly... Of course, in some ways, dance classes are worse, 'cause a lot of those people are all the way into skinny. But somehow it doesn't bother me as much. Maybe because the focus is more on dancing well than on how many reps you can do.

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