Oof. I just went…

Oof. I just went through and did a massive book purge. All those books that I think I'll never read again. It ended up clearing off two and a half bookshelves (out of seven total). My dining table is covered in science fiction and fantasy books. It's a little astonishing. Paul and Marcia came by and took away three bags of books...I can't even see the difference, there's so many left.

Gonna go downtown now, run some errands. Meeting Carol later to go see a movie, The Royal Tenenbaums. Should be fun. :-)

I wanted to clarify that I was taking bids for the whole set of books together; just a lot easier for me than dealing with them all separately. So far, two bids have come in for the set -- one for $25, and one for $75! I'm going to just record them all this week. I'm a little worried that someone will bid a lot and then not follow through...I guess in that case, I'll just sell the books to the next highest bidder. So I suppose if you'd be willing to pay $60 at this point, it might be worthwhile putting in a bid. Of course, it could also go higher -- the books are almost all trade paperbacks, so buying them new would cost something like $200. Of course, that'd assume you actually wanted them all... :-)

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