The great winnowing has…

The great winnowing has begun. Whether I move to Chicago or California (one or the other will almost certainly occur in the next few months), I have Too Many Books. This is a true statement, hard as it may be to believe. Space will sadly be constrained -- Kevin's place only has room for so many bookshelves before we'd be eating on them, and it'd be likely even worse in California, since I'd either have a closet of my own or be sharing a place with roommates. And so, for the first time in my life, I'm actually going through and getting rid of the books I don't feel a strong need to keep. This is more than mildly traumatic.

However, it may be a fortunate thing for you. The first thing I did was go through my brag shelf, the shelf of books that I have stories in. I had several duplicates on this shelf, because the publisher sent me two copies. I don't need two copies; I only need one. And so, I'm going to offer y'all a special deal.

I have accumulated thirteen spare books that I am in. They are the following:

  • Torn Shapes of Desire, Mohanraj
  • Aqua Erotica, ed., Mohanraj, "Seven Cups of Water"
  • Floating Worlds, ed. Bowen, "Goddess Blessing"
  • A Taste of Midnight, ed. Tan, "Would You Live For Me?"
  • Herotica 6, ed. Sheiner, "Season of Marriage"
  • The Best American Erotica 1999, ed. Bright, "Fleeing Gods"
  • Hot Off the Net, ed., Kick, "The Girl Behind the Fantasy"
  • Desires, ed., Benedicks and Sengupta, "Johnny's Story"
  • Best Women's Erotica, ed. Sheiner, "Kali"
  • Best Women's Erotica 2001, ed., Sheiner, "The Survey"
  • Erotic Travel Tales, ed. Szereto, "Season of Marriage"
  • From Porn to Poetry, ed., Indigo and Peters, "A Jewel of a Woman"
  • Best Bisexual Erotica, vol. 2, ed. Brent and Queen, "And Baby Makes Four"
I'm going to have an auction to get rid of them. I will happily sign each and every one to whomever is the high bidder. The auction will commence immediately and will end this coming Friday (2/5) at midnight. Bids will be accepted by e-mail, starting at $5 (enough to cover postage for the box of books). Bids will be recorded in this journal (anonymously). All money received will go towards the Buying Mary Anne Boxes For the Books She Can't Bear to Part With Fund... And if the winner likes, I'll also include a signed b/w photo of me (from the book jacket to TSOD, done several years ago -- I have four or five of them left that I haven't known what to do with).

Let the bidding commence! :-)

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