I have no idea what I’m…

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing yet. I haven't looked at my to-do list. I got up, checked e-mail, fixed a few minor things in the April and May galleries for SH -- and then dove into a massive reorganization of our artist database, the place where we keep track of potential gallery and illustration artists. It's been a big jumble for a while, and it's been driving me crazy. I separated it out into people who haven't done a gallery or illo before (and want to) and people who have done an illo before (who we might use again). I also alphabetized all the pages. I feel much better. It's still out of date, and I'm trying to resist the urge to dive into part two, updating it, until Jed or Sunita tells me that it looks okay to them as is. It looks much more functional to me -- slightly more effort for the person adding new artists, but much easier for the people selecting artists to peruse (and the separate pages load faster). In the process, I re-familiarized myself slightly with HTML tables, but I mostly just cut-and-paste and avoided hacking into the table itself. Jed would like there to be more images/artist -- I'm willing to switch to that in theory, but I'm not sure I know how to modify the table to allow for that. Maybe I'll just send him a table snippet and ask him to send me back a modified version that I can then use as a template. Hmm... We'll see.

Was up late-ish talking to Kevin. Thinking and re-thinking. What do I really want? What do I really need? You would think I would be able to answer these questions, no? Sometimes it all seems very clear, and sometimes it eludes me. We're leaning towards my moving out there, moving in with him, trying it all again, slightly different -- but sometimes the wind seems to be blowing against us.

Moderately final decisions will probably be made within two weeks; I'm going out not this weekend, but the following one, and we'll try to hash out all the possibilities. Part of me just wants to decide and be done with it -- a big part of me, I admit. I'm the decisive type. But he'll be a lot happier if we really think this all through, and I must admit that that's probably wiser. So more talking. It's not so bad, talking to him. :-)

A bit groggy now -- only about six hours of sleep. So going to go make a second cup of tea, maybe do some sit-ups, shower. Will probably stop back later. Happy Tuesday, my dears...

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