The food at Nola was…

The food at Nola was amazatonishing. So good. Also $30/entree, which, given that I also had soup and wine and shared an appetizer and had a cafe au lait to finish, meant that I spent $60 for dinner, which I can tell you, I do maybe once a year. But what the hell. It's been a rough week.

Also finished Nina Kiriki Hoffman's Past the Size of Dreaming somewhere in there. Not as coherently fabulous as the previous book, A Red Heart of Memories, but satisfying finding out what happened to the characters next. Somehow it was oddly lacking in dramatic tension. But pleasurable anyway.

Okie -- must shower. It's hot and intensely humid here today -- every time I step out of the hotel I get incredibly sweaty...and inside isn't so much better. Will shower and relax a little and then go to party. Think I've had enough alcohol for the night, though. I'm such a lightweight! Very sad.

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