Hey, guys. If you’ve…

Hey, guys. If you've sent me e-mail, I haven't responded to it. You probably knew that. But I haven't responded to any e-mail since I got here; just haven't felt like it. Soon, I promise.

I'm trying to remember where I left off -- probably last night. This morning, we went down to the riverfront and had cafe au lait and beignets ($1.25 for 3!) at Cafe du Monde. Very lovely. Nice walk back through the Quarter. Hung out at the Quarterly West table for a while, then went to two panels -- the first on building creative writing programs (MA's, MFA's, PhD's, advantages and disadvantages, etc.), the second on South Asian women writers. The first was fine, if mostly not so relevant to me yet -- I *am* interested in how such things are built, though, for the future. Someday, I may be trying to put one of those together...

The second panel was fascinating; several South Asian women were in the room, and there was a vigorous discussion of the pressure to write a certain kind of traditional narrative -- generally centered on arranged marriage and all that. Which, of course, I'm doing, at least some of the time. And we talked about ways of resisting or confounding that narrative. Much fun, and I hope to be in touch with some of these women again. I also tried to get them to submit to Strange Horizons; fingers crossed. :-)

Gonna go back down and man the table (though I may grab a piece of fruit first), and then this evening, we're planning on trying to go to Nola's for dinner (fancy food, Emeril-style). If that doesn't work, we'll try Bayona. And if that's full too, then we'll just find something fun. There's plenty of fun to be had in this city, no doubt. Afterwards, party with the Florida State people, I think. It's go go go around here. Very distracting. We approve.

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