Many wedding photos,…

Many wedding photos, with slight commentary...

One of the nicest things about the wedding was seeing people that I'd only seen briefly before, and getting to talk to them more. Ellen is someone that I think I last met four years ago, at Sean and Kira's wedding (I knew Kira; Ellen (and Jed, as it turned out) knew Sean). I would tell you more about it, but Jed tells it better than I do. Maybe he'll tell the story in his journal someday. :-) Or you could try digging through my journal from back then...I *might* have talked about it at the time.

Eric and Beth are two of the poly folk whom I used to hang out with often in the Bay Area. They throw fun parties. :-) I think they know Thida through poly circles, so it was a little amusing seeing them at her wedding...

Tamara is one of Jed's very interesting friends -- I've spent time with her a few times now, to the point where I might even be able to call her one of my friends. I'll be seeing her again in a few weeks, actually -- she's coming to interview for a job at the University of Utah (computer science department, I think). If she gets and takes it, then she'll be here starting in the fall. It would be lovely to have her here, but since it's highly unlikely that I'll be here more than two more years, I can't really wish Utah on her just for my selfish pleasure. It would be pleasurable, though. She has very kissable shoulders. Or so I'm told.

This is Sara, who went to APE with us a few weekends ago. She's much tinier than I am, though I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that. She is tiny, but fierce.

And this is her with her Simon, who I've been hearing about for a while, and who does apparently exist. Charming Brit -- and more exciting than that...

...he has the good taste to have the same camera I do! It's the best camera. :-)

I also met quite a few friends of Jed's who I hadn't met before (or had only met briefly). I think this one's name is Paul? I like his crown of candles (despite its slight off-centeredness). It makes him look like a modern Winter King. :-)

This is Gerry. Let's see if I can get this straight. Gerry is now living with his girlfriend Mya, in a house in Mountainview. This is the house that he used to live in with Arthur (whom I used to date). This is the house that Jed used to live in with Arthur. And at one point, Jed and Arthur both dated Beth (photo a little below). Jed and Arthur also both dated the same time, even. But if you've been following along the last few years, you probably knew that. Confused yet?

This is Gerry's Mya. She's the one who loaned me their house to throw a dinner party last week. She did much wonderful chopping and prepping and such for me. It was a fabulous dinner party, due mostly to her.

And this is Gerry (and Mya). Gerry's taking a photo of me and Jed! I made him take several photos of us, because I have felt that we were sadly lacking in photos of us (though Kam did take a fabulous one, last summer). I'm not sure, but I think this is one of Gerry's below:

Cute, huh?

And here's me with Beth. I like Beth. She's cool.

Before we go, here's a photo of the lovely bride and groom, Thida and Castor. I hadn't met Castor before, but he seemed utterly charming (and quite cute!)

Did I mention that Thida is pagan? The officiants looked an awful lot like wizards, down to the man's staff. But even better -- he cast the circle with a huge, sharp sword. Thida gets monster points for having a sword in her wedding!

Really, it was lovely in so many ways. I had a terrific time.

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