Sorry for all the…

Sorry for all the itty-bitty entries this morning; my mind is working in small bits. I'm feeling much better; a little wobbly, but not too much so. Had leftovers for breakfast and seems to be fine. On my second mug of tea and have plowed through a bunch of SH-related e-mail; there's a fair bit of management stuff to do these days, with various people coming and going. It looks like we can use some new art editors, and probably new people in articles and reviews as well. It's a little hard to tell, because some of the people we hired a few months ago may just be having severe e-mail difficulties; I really ought to get phone numbers from everyone when they sign up, so that I can really check on things, rather than just assuming the e-mail will eventually clear up.

Susan's coming over shortly to go over SH financial stuff with me; should be good, even if numbers do make my head hurt. Then Zak and Sharon and I are going to go back into the city and over the bridge to Muir Woods. I'm hoping it's sunny up there; the redwoods are especially pretty in the sunshine. When we're done, we'll be coming back to David's to hang out for a while, then joining Susan, Heather and Tim for Indian food in Berkeley. Pleasant day. Good thing I'm getting a lot of work done this morning, though. :-)

Tomorrow I'll be running around SF, visiting the Lusty Lady for research purposes (uh huh. *research* purposes...), and having lunch and coffee with various and sundry (various being Thea Hillman and sundry being Charles Anders), followed by dinner with one of my journal readers, Meriko, and her husband.

I wanted to remind the Bay Area folks that I'm doing a reading tomorrow (Tuesday) night, at Good Vibes in S.F. - 8 p.m. It's for Best Bi Erotica 2, and details can be found on the Black Books web site. Would love to see you there. :-)

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