Here’s an odd photo…

Here's an odd photo -- at the Exploratorium, they had an infrared camera. This is Zak and me painted in levels of heat -- can you tell which of us is hotter? :-)

Before we went into the actual museum, we wandered around the Palace of Fine Arts. The buildings are remnants of a World's Fair many years ago -- originally built as part of a vast array of buildings, all done in very flimsy materials. Most of the buildings were torn down, but the Palace was preserved and rebuilt in sturdier form. Two of the original Palace angels remain on guard inside the Exploratorium; the rest are all much changed from their original form.

I love the Palace -- it's just so graceful and gorgeous, and its warm colors seem perfectly suited to San Francisco. And the trees were pretty, with pale pink blossoms, and the ducks and geese and swans glided cheerfully across the water. If it weren't a bit chilly, I'd have been happy just staying out there for quite a while.

Zak took photos like crazy -- I did too, but mostly they're just straightforward photos of the building or the trees and probably not of much interest to others than me. But here's one of the two of them, looking most adorable, with the trees surrounding them, and the Palace behind them...

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