Yes! Another subject…

Yes! Another subject for my little empire... Zak Jarvis is now officially our Lord of Ostentation. And Minister of Obfuscation on the first Wednesdays of August, because he's always liked the word August. (I like it too, actually. Along with 'autumn'.)

Six, six little subjects... When I get ten, I think it'll be time to actually start making mugs and t-shirts. :-)

Other kingdoms grow -- I switched my readers' list to yahoogroups, and put a pointer on my stories page. Within the last few days, eight new people have joined! I probably should've done this a long time ago... I suspect I'll also end up posting my travel plans on it occasionally, so that if readers want to meet up, come to a signing, etc., they can be sure to get informed. We'll see...I want to keep the traffic low. Very low. Unless I start writing more, of course.

And while some things grow, others shrink. I'm down to 16 messages in my inbox. My goal is to clear it out entirely before I go back to Utah. We'll see. That would be very exciting; I don't think my inbox has been empty in several years.

Zak and Sharon are coming for lunch at 1; I think I'll just read until then. I picked up a Lloyd Alexander kids' book yesterday, The Iron Ring. Finished it this morning. Pretty good, if a bit surreal. It's basically The Chronicles of Prydain, distilled to one book and set in India. All the characters are essentially the same, though. Kind of funny. But I enjoyed it. Eilonwy is fabulous, even if you rename her as Mirri, a bold gopi (milkmaid). She still has flashing eyes. :-)

Back to Nathan Englander for now, I think. Still enjoying these stories muchly. He just misses being bitter, over and over again. Fascinating.

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