Revision finished, sent…

Revision finished, sent out to readers. I'm pretty happy with this revision -- the story doesn't feel quite done yet, but it's definitely much *better* than it was before I started work today. It's still a little all over the place, and a bit over-pointed, but I can't quite see how to fix that right now. I think I need a break from it, and possibly a second or third opinion. It's the story of Leilani, Lakshmi's sister and Chaya's aunt. The next thing I have to do is finish "The Student", which is the story of Leilani's father.

I may work on that tomorrow morning; in the afternoon, I'm cooking with Mya, teaching her Sri Lankan recipes, in preparation for dinner Friday (it's better if you make some dishes days in advance, I swear). If not tomorrow, then Thursday -- I'm having lunch with Adam, but am otherwise just here working all day. I need to get going on the Tananarive Due stuff pretty soon. I did finish that Bradbury collection yesterday, though. Mmm... Also read a little of a comic, Barry Ween, Boy Genius (I think that's the title). Great fun. Made me laugh out loud lots. And today I read a little of Barr Girls, a comic set on a world where everyone's a hermaphrodite. They're just like us otherwise. Smutty and clever. (The comic, not us. Or not necessarily us.)

Oh, before I forget, I should mention that in my drive for greater efficiency, I have made it much easier to join my readers' list -- and to drop off it. It's now a yahoogroup, which also means that a) you can talk to each other and b) old messages are archived, so you can catch up if you accidentallly delete stuff. To subscribe, go to: Traffic should continue very low, and you're not required to comment on anything, though comments are always, always welcome. Enjoy!

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