Finished a first-pass…

Finished a first-pass revision of "Pieces of the Heart". Suspect I'll be changing the title before I'm done, but we'll see. It still resonates in some ways, but not in others. But another pass may change that again. Tentatively happy with drastic-restructuring and new section. Now must go through, check for coherence and smoothness, see if more sections required for sufficient 'thickness' (so the story doesn't come across too pointedly). Not sure if making sense. Have given up on full sentences.

I did take a break to do a long rant on the Broad Universe list on appropriate clothing for female writers at conventions. General gist: if you want your clothing to potentially help your career, feminine but not overly sexual business casual is probably ideal. Pretty, but sharp. On the other hand, comfort is much more important, and I'm still slightly uncomfortable with the whole using-one's-gender-to-get-published idea in the first place. Waffling. I am willing to conclude that both t-shirts and chain-mail bikinis make you look more like a fan than like a writer.

Also started making formal plans for the Broad Universe rapid-fire reading at WisCon. If you're a broad, and haven't gotten around to signing up for the mailing list yet, but would like to read for a few minutes (and are willing to bring some snacks for the reading to share), please drop me a note ASAP. We have about fifteen slots open. It'll be the Friday of WisCon, from 5:00 - 6:30.

Spent a little while reading another rec. of Jed's -- Delany's introduction to one of the Sturgeon collections. Some interesting thoughts on the evolution of sf as opposed to literary fiction. But mostly, it made me want to go re-read "The (Widget), the (Wadget), and Boff", one of my favorite stories ever. Which I can't seem to find a copy of on Jed's shelves, dangit.

Okay, deep breath. Second pass of revision. Go.

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