Just read M’ris’s…

Just read M'ris's charming story, Cassie's Deal over at Paradox 12. Very cute. Go read.

Work is progressing...well, erratically. I did do some, but it's none of what I said I was going to. A little while back, someone said to me, "why don't you do a little pillow book?" Idea was duly filed, and somehow kicked its way to the surface today. I suppose at some point I might try to sell such a thing to a publisher, but in the meantime, I think I'll just make one for WisCon to sell at the art show. A little book with nice paper and Japanese-style binding. That sounds nice, doesn't it? I selected the poems today; I may include a couple photos as well (especially if I can get my friends to pose naked :-) I'll crop all the identifying bits, I swear...) And I think some blank pages, or at least blank space on the page, so that if the person wants, they can actually keep it under their pillow and write little notes in it. Doesn't that sound like a lovely little thing?

The list of stuff to make for WisCon's art show is getting longer and longer. Soon I'll have to actually get organized about it...and start actually making them. Tentative thoughts so far:

  • a quarter-cloth book of "Minal in Winter"
  • a quarter-cloth book of "The Poet's Journey"
  • a pillow book as described above
  • a large portfolio of "The Poet's Journey" (this is a very ambitious project, and may have to wait a year or two for completion, given that I haven't started it yet)
  • a ferris wheel poem to go with the ferris wheel photo thing I bought (I know, but I can't figure out a better way to explain that one)
  • a set of poetry coasters (not sure which poem to use...maybe "October Song"? It's worked well before...but maybe a love poem would be better?)
  • a couple just pretty collages -- I have lots of pressed flowers and autumn leaves and that kind of thing tends to sell better than my more experimental stuff. :-)
Anyway, back to work. But first, an addition to the Kingdom -- Sunita joins us as Minister of the Department of Redundancy Department. I'm not sure why exactly we have such a department, but if that's the one she wants, it's fine with me. :-) Negotiations are still in progress with various others; David insists on remaining a neighboring city-state, but we appear to have achieved friendly diplomatic relations. Sadly, Jed remains committed to his anarchic ideals, which means that when he's not busy editing for SH, he's trying to overthrow my lovely benevolent monarchy. Boo. Hiss. I would be tempted to cut off his head if I didn't need it so often. And, of course, we don't really do things like head-cutting-off in my kinder, gentler, kingdom. We just think about it occasionally...

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