Ended up being a busy…

Ended up being a busy and intense day yesterday. Met with Paul around noon, ran to grocery store, got groceries for two salads (endive and arugula with pear and candied walnuts in a dijon dressing; roasted beets, goat cheese, walnuts, and orange slices over mixed greens in an sherry-orange dressing -- both from Epicurious, both came out very well). Came home, dropped them off, showered quick, dressed, and went to campus. Met with Paul and Stuart (department head) about conference funding. Tentatively hopeful. Will know more next week when we hopefully meet with the Humanities Dean. Met with new film studies job candidate and did our best to impress him with how eager and bright the grad students in our department are. :-) Attended his talk, on chaos theory and Hollywood. Some interesting points, and entertaining presentation. Came home, made salads. (Took an hour, as beets had to roast and walnuts had to candy. :-) Went to Samantha's for lasagne (yum) and Heidi's party -- she defended her dissertation and is Dr. Heidi now, very exciting. I want to be Dr. Mary Anne, dangit. Now, not in 2-4 years! Afterwards, threw on tank top and went dancing, at new Club Splash. Fun dancing, but everything seemed so...clean. This was not like Chicago gay bars that we used to go dancing at! You couldn't forget that you were in Salt Lake. Not just the physical place, but also the ambience -- the whole time we were there, I didn't see anyone dirty-dancing. Nope, just bouncing around solo, or occasionally doing a romantic slow dance. No heat! Very strange. Came home at 2 a.m. and crashed.

Slowly getting into the swing of things this morning. Zak sent me the revised images for the "Morningsong" CD, so I started putting together the page for selling the two CD's. I suspect it's not really a selling document, but I couldn't really think what to put on there except the basic info. Any advice would be most welcome.

Tasks for today: clean kitchen (disaster area!), continue to work on SH POD. Pizza with John tonight. Watch Buffy sometime this afternoon (taped Friday's re-runs...) That's all, folks. Happy Saturday!

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