I am having an oddly…

I am having an oddly smutty morning. I settled down with a bit of a hangover (housewarming party for new downstairs neighbors last night; quite fun and met interesting new people, mostly law students) and a cup of tea to read Hanne Blank's latest anthology, Shameless, which I've been asked to provide a cover blurb for. It's fairly intense going at times; I'm having an odd sense of cognitive dissonance, like -- is this really appropriate for so early in the morning? :-)

Soon I'll throw on some clothes and go buy groceries. Then, hopefully, come back and exercise (I skipped yesterday because I felt yucky, so I really shouldn't skip today), and then settle down to revising. If Mike has time to talk today, I'll work on the astronomer story; if not, I'll work on the other story. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. I think. We'll see.

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