Florida or New Orleans? …

Florida or New Orleans? Florida or New Orleans? I'm waffling like mad between two conferences. ICFA is the sf one in Florida; I've been to it before (last year), but I think it'd be good for me and the magazine to go again. I'm sure I'd have a terrific time. And Chris Cobb will be there, who is in theory co-presenting a paper with me (if I don't go, he'll present it by himself). I've never met him, and I'd like to, and I could hang out with him at the conference and show him around. On the other hand, he's possibly coming to WisCon, so I might meet him there.

New Orleans is AWP, Associated Writers and Poets. I have a paper accepted there too, and it might be better for me to go there. But I'm just not sure. Maybe I should wait a year and go to AWP when I'm closer to having a thesis, and closer to going on the academic market. I suppose I should talk to more people in the department and see. I can only afford one of them. I just don't know.

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