I’m starting to actually…

I'm starting to actually feel at home. It was a bit disconcerting coming back; Susan had been staying here for a few days while I was gone, before moving back to Cleveland, and so various items had been rearranged (mostly kitchen stuff), and there was a massive amount of strange groceries on my counters and in my fridge. I'm still sorting through that, but I've now cleaned up the living room and restored it to its normal state (everything in its proper place), and I feel much more settled and peaceful. Funny, huh? :-)

I still feel a bit like I'm on vacation. School technically started last Thursday, but I only have T/W classes this semester, so I didn't need to go in yet. I think tomorrow I'll dive into academic stuff -- I have to a) do fellowship applications, b) start organizing this conference with Paul, and c) meet with various professors about rewriting papers (sigh). But today I'm going to reserve for finishing up various other projects. I've asked Zak if he can do my CD covers; if he can, that'll expedite the process.

I've also got Zak cleaning up the graphics on the SH page -- yay! I think I've done all the posting I need to do about the Rhysling and the Hugo and the Campbell. It feels a bit embarrassing, going on and on about my magazine all over the net, but this is the awards time, and there's just not much I can do to ameliorate that, not without feeling like I'm neglecting my authors and artists. I want to give them every chance of winning something, or at least being nominated. The main other thing to do is finish up the darn POD book -- finish editing it and make contracts and send them out. Not sure if that'll all get done today, but I'll do what I can, and then I think next weekend will be devoted to finishing that *and* doing the next batch of SH contracts. SH could easily take up all my time, y'know? I need to be careful to reserve some time for schoolwork, and for writing. Maybe this semester I'll try doing SH stuff on the weekend (when I can easily reach Jed with my questions too), and keep the week for academics and writing. It's a nice idea, anyway. :-)

The other big thing to do today (aside from unpacking and such) is to move stuff over from my old computer to my new one. I'm still entirely working on the old one -- which I'm going to miss, darn it. The keyboard is really comfortable; the whole setup is familiar to me. The new one is all spiffy, but if I weren't so desperately short of memory, I might have been tempted to just stay with my old baby. Ah well -- things change, computers grow up. The world moves as it will, and not as we would have it. (Who said that?) I think I'm going to try doing the move by net, rather than direct connection between the two computers. This will probably take twice as long (uploading and downloading), but the advantage is that I won't have to buy any extra cables. If this doesn't go well, then when I go into campus, I'll try buying an ethernet crossover cable. Kevin thinks that'll work fine, and shouldn't cost much. I'm a little sad that my old zip drive won't talk to my new computer, but I guess I don't really need a zip drive anymore, since I can burn CD's...

Anyway, lots of bits and bobs. Will probably check in later -- at least for now, I'm finding that Jed's new setup here make me inclined to write longer entries, edit them more carefully, and update more often. We'll see if that continues once the semester starts up.

It's good to be home.

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