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Yes, I think I am finally, actually ready to start taking orders for those CD's I made, oh so very long ago. My new iBook comes with a CD burner, which means that rather than doing a big order through some company (and paying a lot of money up-front), I can just burn them one by one, as needed. The profit margin will be slightly less, and the effort slightly more, but it's worth it in terms of convenience and immediacy. It does mean that I'll be inserting the cover by hand, and that the whole thing won't be shrink-wrapped, but you'll forgive me that, yes?

I'm not quite ready to start sending them out -- CD #2 (Esthely Blue) is almost ready, but needs some tweaks to the graphics. I think I'll have Kinko's do the actual duplication, perhaps in batches of 50 or some such. It's worth it not to have to cut all those out by hand! I hope I can lay it out (or get Zak to do it?) double-sided so it's just one sheet of paper each, and one cut. I *think* that's do-able. CD #1 (no title yet) needs to have the whole cover designed still. But I'm pretty sure that it can be done quick, at least in time for Valentine's Day. And so, if you're thinking of a present for yourself or your sweetie or someone you admire, maybe you'd like one of these?

Signed and numbered, in a limited edition of 500, $15 each (plus $3 S&H per package, so buy in bulk! :-):

CD #1 - the sexy one (mostly stories)

  1. blind
  2. a jewel of a woman
  3. you'll understand when you're older, dear
  4. japanese garden
  5. letter found near a suicide
  6. with ocean waiting below
  7. morningsong
  8. god's body
  9. kali
  10. confessions of a 26-year-old female porn writer
  11. fleeing gods
  12. the ongoing adventures of gorgeous gracie

CD #2 - Esthely Blue - the romantic one (mostly poems)

  1. and the sea is shaking...
  2. dreams of a lover
  3. renewal
  4. her body awakened
  5. poem for a university
  6. lessons
  7. letter
  8. one week after departure
  9. systematic pressure
  10. chorus
  11. return visit
  12. spinning down
  13. invocation
  14. the bones, they want to fly
  15. johnny's story
  16. cobalt blue
  17. last night
  18. thoughts before going to bed, alone
  19. fringes
  20. feasting
  21. commuting
  22. esthely blue
  23. sitting under a tree, in the rain
Okay, are you all excited yet? Ready to buy? Send no money -- just send the following info:

Your name:
Your e-mail:
CD #1: number of copies desired:
CD #2: number of copies desired:

I'll compile it all into a list, and let you know when I'm ready for you to send money. I'm hesitant to ask for it until I'm absolutely sure I have all the elements of the CD in hand. Soon, though. :-)

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