Read a little Tom Swift…

Read a little Tom Swift -- I had forgotten how amazingly jingoistic these were! Still kind of fun, but it's hard to get past the politics, especially given our current national climate; I can't just dismiss this sort of ranting as 'oh, that was a long time ago'... Before long, I crashed, and crashed hard. Woke up around 7, decided to doze in bed for a while. Finally got up at 7:20 or so, made tea and chatted a little with Debby, read comics. Foxtrot was particularly funny today. Checked e-mail, read journals. Oh, I like having mornings like this. It'll be good to get back to them in Salt Lake. At my parents' house, the net connection is so bad (painfully slow dial-up, which drops often) that I often can't face dealing with it, and I certainly can't get much done on it. But I fly back on the 6th, so soon, soon we'll be back to normal. Just have to remember to insert a little exercise back into the routine. :-)

So many things happening, it's hard to keep track. Heather and Tim have put together a chapbook, which I will probably buy as soon as I get back to Salt Lake (data point for you guys -- I find that I'm more inclined to buy it if you keep it a limited edition run of 100, especially if you sign and number them). And Clean Sheets has put out a little anthology, From Porn to Poetry! My baby (okay, my first baby, since SH is pretty much my baby these days) has a book! I'm so proud of them. It has my "A Jewel of a Woman", which is one of the readers' favorites (it performs so well), as well as just tons of other good stuff. Support the little erotica magazine that could and buy a copy, okay? Buy several! You didn't really get enough presents over the holidays, did you?

Anyway, I should shower and dress and pack and head out. I'll talk to y'all soon, though. You take care now, y'hear? :-)

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