Tired, munchkins. Let’s…

Tired, munchkins. Let's see -- what've we done today?

Lunch was bigger than originally planned, with Paul Estin and Cecilia Tan joining us for Indian food in Davis Square, at a place called Diva. (Food okay, not great. Maybe because of lunch buffet, which is usually inferior. Ah well. Fabulous decor.) Fun conversation, and a pleasant sense of worlds colliding (remember that the original lunch was with David, whom I know from grammar school. He's one of my most normal friends. :-) Cecilia and I talked shop some, but not too much. I'm not sure we'll see each other at conventions this year -- she's got a wedding during WisCon, and is iffy about WorldCon. So I'm particularly glad that I caught her this time. Fingers still crossed about that Asian sf book...

After lunch, we did a little bookshopping (I got a Tom Swift and a Francesca Lia Block), and then Paul and David and I came back to T/D's. Pleasant chatting over tea, with occasional contributions from Todd (who was working at home today). We started to get into an argument over socialized medicine and public schools, but fortunately they had to go before it got too heated. :-)

And now Debby is back, and I think the plan is to order pizza and Debby and I will fall asleep in front of the tv watching a movie. I think that sounds like a *good* plan!

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