At the moment, my life…

At the moment, my life is Hawthorne, and I must run back it shortly. But checking in briefly to note that yesterday was Hawthorne, LeGuin (finished Tales of Earthsea, good), Hawthorne, LeGuin again (read The Other Sea, lovely), a little shopping followed by more Hawthorne, and then coming home to make dinner (Thai green curry and a vegetable korma over rice) watch Ed and West Wing, followed by a good chunk more of Hawthorne. And now, I am off to do Hawthorne again -- the paper is progressing well, though I am going to have to cut out half of my thesis to keep the paper from being twice as long as it's allowed to be. I guess I'll just hint at it in the conclusion. Argh.

9:30. Amanda P., I sent you my address but the mail bounced. Drop me a note when your mailbox isn't so full! :-)

Mmm...curry for breakfast. I was feeling a little wobbly and paper-woozy, but curry definitely helped. Took a little break to eat and read some of Robin Hobb's Mad Ship (not brilliant, but solid and well-imagined). Would like to just curl up and keep reading, but I should go write some more.

1:00. Finished my draft! Now I have an hour to polish it up...mostly making the intro match what I actually wrote about. :-)

But I'm really here to pass along some terrific news: Chris Barzak's story, Plenty, which we published in SH, has been selected by Terri Windling for Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Woohoo! It's our first piece to make it into this prestigious series -- I'm bouncing up and down in delight (I'm sure Chris is too. :-)

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