Zak, why is your journal…

Zak, why is your journal asking me for a password? Don't you love us anymore?

In other news...well, not much. I was busy last night working on a present for Kev; crashed fairly early. Slept a lot -- I was sick again, but now I'm feeling somewhat better. Hate being sick. Oh well. I think I forgot, living in California, how I used to just be sick all winter, the whole time I was in Chicago...

Woke up this morning and had absolutely no desire to do any work. None. Whatsoever. I read a short novel by Tanya Huff, washed my hair and dyed it purple, and then read another one, same author, while my hair dried.

Okay, so purple is maybe an exaggeration. The name of the color is Balinese Amethyst, and it claims to be 'true violet'. It's certainly a little more purple than the red color I last had in my hair. But given that my hair is still mostly black, and this just shows up as reddish-purple glints when I'm in sunlight or other bright light, it's probably a bit excessive to claim I've dyed my hair purple. But fun. :-)

Only at 1-ish did I start actually doing things. Cleaned up the bedroom, and plan to at least straighten the rest of the place (except perhaps the scary kitchen) once I finish this entry. Then I'm going to pack up my laptop and Hawthorne and head downtown. I need to buy a Xmas present at the mall, and then I think I'm going to settle in at Borders with my work and a cup of chai. Hopefully I'll actually do some work -- I'm already fighting a fierce temptation to read LeGuin's Tales from Earthsea instead. Maybe just one tale, hmmm?

The Hawthorne paper is due Thursday. Planning to write the bulk of it tomorrow, but it'd be nice to have my intro and outline/notes done today. We'll see how it goes. I have an appointment at 3 p.m. on Thursday, so I can't push the paper to the absolute last minute. This is undoubtedly a good thing...

It snowed again this morning. If I had nothing else to do, I'd be tempted to go for a nice long tromp through the snow. As it is, I'll settle for tromping to the bus stop. :-)

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