I’ve been working…

I've been working steadily since 7 a.m. or so...and still, it seems like I've gotten very little done. SH checks and contracts pretty much complete, aside from a few little things that need to be finished off. The bulk of them will go out tomorrow. I always underestimate how long that process will take.

I'm tired now, but no rest. I'm going to go make some tea, and then start grading. I don't really have any sense of how long these portfolios will take. I read pretty fast, and I've read a lot of the material before. So half an hour each? 15 minutes? an hour? Really not sure. I promised them that I'd hand in grades tomorrow, so I have until...oh, about 4 p.m. tomorrow to finish these. Should be plenty of time, though I do have to take a couple of hours out this afternoon for a social conference committee thing, followed by dinner with Sunita's husband David, who is in town for business. But I'm planning on doing some more work after dinner. We'll see.

I finished my Hawthorne critical reading last night; once the grading's done, I'll just have to re-read (or skim) the novel, looking for material connected to my theme. I probably should have done that last night, but I got sad instead. Talked to Kev, then to David for a while. Went to sleep. Slept really badly, with dreams I don't want to remember.

I promise I'll be more exciting once the semester is over, really I will. I guess those photos from yesterday will have to hold you for a while.

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