I’m so pleased to see…

I'm so pleased to see that the donations are...well, not quite 'flowing in' yet, but at least coming in. Yesterday we had three donations, for a total of $75. If that rate continues, then we'll meet our goal easily. Of course, it probably won't continue -- the letters went out yesterday, and plenty of people will forget about the fund drive shortly. But we'll put reminders in next week's newsletter. Really, I'm probably more concerned with getting lots of donations than with getting lots of money -- I'd much rather have 10 people donate $10 each than have one person donate $150. Because once that 501(c)3 finally comes in, grant committees are going to want to see that we have broad-based community support. The subscribers to the newsletter is one indicator of that, but a better indicator is how many outside donors we have, no matter how much or how little they donate. (Of course, the amount helps too -- if more than half of our operating funds come from people not at all affiliated with SH, that looks good too...) Anyway -- stuff to think about. I wish I knew if there were some way to pester the IRS about the 501(c)3 -- they've been sitting on that application for about a year now, I think. *grumblegrumble* I wonder if I should just send a letter...I'm a little afraid to poke my nose in and jinx it.

In other news, I'm almost done making cookies for my students; it's the last day of classes, and the traditional bribe must be proferred as they do course evaluations. :-) Of course, since everyone does it, it's not exactly a bribe...more of an ensuring that they're in a tolerably good mood as they're writing. I'm bringing my cranberry/white chocolate chip cookies and orange juice. Hopefully they'll like 'em. They came out a little funny-looking...I'll be happy when I'm cooking at normal altitudes again. Salt Lake is too high!

Also working through their monologues; I'll be done with those shortly. I'd hoped to have time to read and comment on their memoir pieces, but I only have an hour left before I need to get ready and go, so that seems less likely. Ah well. They'll include them in their final portfolios, so I should be able to comment then for anyone who wants comments...

I'm pretty sleepy; hope I can make it through the day. There's a grad student reading tonight -- the timing is not so hot, I have to say. But must go and show the flag, y'know? No drinking afterwards this time, though -- I'm going to come home and crash. I still have moderately great plans for getting Howard an intro of my paper tomorrow, really I do. The plan is to finish my preparatory reading this afternoon and evening, draft the intro and outline tomorrow, hand them in and meet with him around lunchtime, and then do SH checks and contracts in the afternoon. If there's time, I'll also try to finish reformatting the POD manuscript -- I did half of the basic reformat the other day, and I think finishing it will only take an hour or so. Of course, then I have to figure out how best to make sure all the italics and such are in there. 'Cause they're not now. Maybe Jed can advise?

Anyway, my second mug of tea is steeped, and I think the last batch of cookies are ready to come off the cookie sheet. Happy Thursday, y'all.

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