Sick again. :-( Woke up…

Sick again. :-( Woke up two hours before the alarm, and spent those two hours pretty miserable. I'm feeling a little better now, which is good, because I really can't afford to stay home today. But oh, I want to. Kev's gone, and snow is falling heavily, and my hair is still wet, and my stomach is still acting a little funny, and I didn't finish all the marking up I had hoped to...yes, I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I want to stay home with a cup of peppermint tea and a warm blanket and the next Robin Hobb book, and ideally, a Kevin too, dangit. He'll be back in a week, but I'll probably be all better by then.

Still, we'll put on a cheerful face and go out into the cold, cruel world. Hopefully I can keep my head down and finish up my grading during my Amer. lit. class; I hate doing that, but I hate disappointing my students more. At least I'm prepped for the classes I'm taking. I love teaching, but it'll be nice to not teach for a while next semester. Just focusing on one academic class and my writing sounds really good right now.

Finished getting all the SH pieces into a manuscript yesterday; tomorrow I'm hoping to spend some time getting it into clean form. Big pain, but must be done. I also need to draft a paper tomorrow. Not a fun day. Sigh.

I'm sure there's some stuff to look forward to, but I'm having a hard time seeing it right now. I'd probably best stop whinging at you and come back when I'm in a better mood.

3:50 p.m. I am too old for martyrdom. I started feeling really ill again in my first class. Stuck it out 'til the end of that, but then went to the class I taught, told the students I was sick, took 20 min. to do all the random stuff they actually needed me for, and then left them to workshop and went home. Liz promised to get me a copy of her notes from lit. theory.

I came home, ate half a sandwich to get something into my stomach and then decided that was maybe a bad idea. I wandered around the apartment for a while, feeling really cold. Turned up the heat. Put a load of laundry in. Sat down on the floor on a heating vent to try to get warm. Still cold fifteen minutes later. Grabbed my comforter off my bed, lay back down on the heating vent, and crashed hard. Woke up two hours later, feeling much more capable of dealing with the day, though still not actually well.

I need to cook some food to take to our last workshop tonight; thought about skipping that too, but I'd really like to make it if I can. I do feel mostly okay now. Before I stagger into the kitchen, though, I'm going to read me some M'ris, at her new and permanent home. Yay! Though I can't seem to figure out how to link directly to her journal, which makes me feel kind of dense...

4:05 -- Okay, Jed showed me how to link directly to Morphism. If I had half a brain today, I could've figured out it was just in a frameset.

The sun just came out, for the first time in a very snowy day. The sky is a clear blue, and the snow on the houses and trees is shining. I feel better.

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