Oh, I am a silly silly…

Oh, I am a silly silly person. I spent a while this morning working on the Cafe Press SH store, which is humming along nicely. We should soon have mugs! And maybe ornaments! But while I'm waiting for various artists to make various spiffy images, I decided to fool around with my own little store. For a limited time only ('til 1/1/02, or until I decide it's just too silly), you can get your very own Praying Mary Anne ornament for your tree or window. :-) And as a special bonus, we're also offering a pair of boxer shorts with my TSOD photo, so that you can wear my face on your ass!

But seriously, I seem to remember that way back when, people did actually want some MA Gear (TM). I'd be happy to make some up, but I'm not sure what exactly y'all would like. Photos? Poems? And would you like them on ornaments or t-shirts or boxer shorts or mugs or mousepads? So many options. I wish I could remember what you said you wanted last time...maybe it was Sitting Under a Tree, in the Rain? If it's a poem, I have to figure out how to make a poem into a GIF -- you wouldn't think that would be difficult, but I'm not sure where to start. (Zak, help?)

Anyway, if you really would like a MA Object (TM), please drop me a line and tell me what you're be interested in. In theory, I suppose I could even fit one of the very short stories on a t-shirt, if I made the type really small... :-) I promise not to mark them up very much. :-) And if none of you are interested at all, I'll just let the store languish. But it was fun setting it up, and I'm kinda tempted to make myself a Karina mug to drink my tea out of every morning...

2:40. Votes in so far for the poem above, and/or Dreams of a Lover or Dragons in the Mountains. Get in your suggestions now! :-) Requests so far are for mugs or mousepads, 'cause t-shirts fade.

There was also a request for that CD I promised y'all. I do intend to reproduce it, really I do -- it's just that it requires an initial outlay of several hundred dollars, not to mention the time to do the design/layout, etc. I got up to a certain point on the layout with one graphic designer, and then she kind of disappeared -- I'd like to try to track her down to finish it if possible, 'cause I really liked what she was doing. It's more the cash than the time, though -- when I get up-front cash these days, I really feel like I ought to spend it on paying off credit card debts, rather than investing it in a project that's going to take several months to make the money back. But we'll see...maybe I can free up some money after the holidays and try to do them in time for Valentine's Day. Will let y'all know if so.

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