Hey, munchkins. Guess…

Hey, munchkins. Guess what I did today? I backed up my computer! Yes, I did. Or all the text files, anyway, since I only had one zip disk; I need to pick up three or four more so I can grab the graphics and audio files. But I could live if all of those disappeared; if the text files disappeared, I would be crushed. Lost. It would be very very bad. And now, now I'm safe. For the first time in at least two years, I have a backup. And this is a very good thing. All thanks to Kevin for sending his old zip drive my way...even if it did take me six more months to get around to doing the backup.

I've actually been a busy little bee this morning; it's only 9:20, but I managed to take that little SH internal faq thingie and make it into pretty web pages -- it's much more usable now than it was as a text file. I like functionality, I do.

Plans for today -- I might actually make some SH t-shirts and mugs. No, really. I realize I've been saying that for at least months now, and possibly years -- well, maybe one year. But my to-do list has gotten very short. The only other thing on it is doing _Wet_ line edits, and while I'll grant you that that's a big task, it's also not one I'm going to try to do all of today. If I do three stories today, three tomorrow, three Sunday, and three Monday, I'll be all done. That's not so painful, right? Though somehow it never seems to work out that way.

I also need to go by Cucina and look at some menus; I'm in charge of organizing a little dinner for the conference next weekend. Maybe they'll have samples for me to taste. Yumyum. :-)

I have some plans for cooking today too; a little mellowness over a fire will be good after all the crazy activity of the last week -- final selections on the book! downloadable Strange Horizons! Eek! I'm thinking of doing a lovely gumbo, from Epicurious. I actually bought some crab, which I love muchly but have never learned how to cook. I've been intimidated by it, for some strange reason -- but no more! Today, I will defeat the crab...it will not defeat me! How's that for a battle cry?

I know, pretty sad. Maybe I just better go back to editing.

But look, I did a backup! Yay, me!

(this entry has been brought to you by the exclamation point :-)

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