Morning, all. I rather…

Morning, all. I rather staggered out of bed this morning; some days my body just betrays me. But some Irish music, a little Foxtrot comic, and some good hot tea later, I'm feeling almost human. I sent off two stories to Glimmer Train (who loves their new online submissions? we do!), "Beth and Julie's Wedding" and "Sister Mary". Not sure why I hadn't sent out "Sister Mary" before, since it's been ready for a while. Oh well. I need to make a new list to help track this stuff -- right now I have a list for magazines that I've submitted material to (so I can see at a glance what their rate of acceptance for me is), and a list by story (so I can see the publishing history of each story), but what I need is a separate working list of stories that are ready to go out, and the place where they're currently at. Maybe I'll make that when I'm done with this entry. Might also list stories that should be ready soon...perhaps that'll be impetus to finish danged revisions.

I am chugging along merrily on Wet -- as I told you last night, the final list is set, and I've sent out almost all the notices. There are a few rejections lingering, but they're phone or snail mail things. I think all the e-mail ones are done. I hope. Some day I want to edit a really fat book, so I can send lots of acceptances! :-) Jed gets to send something like 52 acceptances a year...of course, he also sends far more rejections than I do, so I guess it's fair.

It's really nice having one of Jed's stories in the book, especially since it came in at the last minute. He had submitted a story for the first book that made it all the way to the final cut -- and then got cut. :-( Then he submitted a story for this book, that also made it all the way to the final cut, and then got cut, only for its resemblance to another story we were taking. I thought I was doomed to never buy one of his stories (very sad, as I *like* his stories) -- but then in the last week before decisions were made, he managed to turn around, research, and write an entirely new story, which the New York people loved. Yay, Jed! I know he thinks he should have done it even earlier, but my definition of professionalism involves doing things *on time*, not necessarily early. :-) Although I'll grant you, you don't want to do it in the nick of time, every time. You start to develop a reputation...

When I'm feeling a little better, I need to get up off my butt and go to the grocery store and then come home and make cookies. Cookies! They're for a graduate conference committee meeting tonight; we're going to be telling the new moderators and volunteers what they'll be doing, and volunteers need to be fed. It's the first rule. I volunteered to make cookies (since I'm on the food committee), and I'm planning on: white chocolate/cranberry cookies, chewy chocolate-coconut cookies, and simple lemon sugar cookies. Mmmm... It's sort of a gray day so far; perfect for baking. If I have time, I may make raspberry jam bars too.

Of course, I do also have some other work to do today -- a few essays to read, some research on dinner options for the conference, a meeting with a caterer to taste the food. It's a very food-ish day today, in various ways. I can live with that.

There's one more exciting thing happening today, but I'm going to wait until it actually happens before I tell you about it. Stay tuned... :-)

11:45 -- Strange Horizon is now downloadable -- woohoo! Check us out at Fictionwise...

:-) :-) :-)

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