Poker poker poker! :-) …

Poker poker poker! :-) I'm tired and groggy and a little hungover today; that's 'cause I had lots of fun last night playing poker. We had seven and a half people at the table (Paul and Marcia kind of switched off), and played Hold 'Em half the time, then switched to Omaha, finishing up with a round of Three-Legged Assfuck. (I'm sure there's a more polite name for that game, but I don't know what it is -- sorry.) I was down $19.50 at one point -- eep! But I managed to come back to only being down $2, which I really kind of think of as winning; I figure it's reasonable to spend $10 for an evening of entertainment, so spending less than that makes me a winner. I suppose that's not how you're usually supposed to think about poker, but it works for me. :-) Marcia was hesitant about playing, but ending up walking away with several dollars of profit -- I knew she could do it. She played well. Everyone played fine, and there was much silliness at the table as well (various side bets on whether Jeff could flip a quarter into a cup, for example). Fun had by all. And Marcia made me yummy fruit drinks to go with it.

I was still bouncy enough when they left (around 1?) that I stayed up for a while doing e-mail and then reading. I'm reading this fantasy novel called Prophecy (sequel to Rhapsody), which to be honest, is really poorly written a lot of the time. But the scope of the world is fascinating, and somehow carries me along enough that I can ignore that clunkiness of the prose. It's particularly startlingly bad in contrast to the other book I'm reading, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, which is just gorgeous, line-by-line. Of course, his book has basically no plot, so in that way, the books are kind of opposites. Although they both spend a lot of time world-building, in really different ways...

P/M are going to come by and pick me up soon and we're going to run to the Indian grocery store. I'm out of various spices, including the ones I need to make my Sri Lankan curry powder. Very sad. But soon to be remedied, and maybe while I'm there I'll pick up some mango juice. Yum yum. And perhaps some of that orange candy that my little sister likes so much. Not that she's here, but I can eat it in honor of her. :-) A samosa wouldn't go amiss either.

Then back to do some more work. I did get some work done this morning -- did I mention that we're thinking of doing a print-on-demand Best Of Strange Horizons book with Wildside Press? We're putting together a manuscript now; I'm hoping to finalize that next week. Not sure what Wildside's production schedule is like, and we haven't really talked contracts yet, so no guarantee that it'll happen. But it'd be awfully nice to have a little SH book in my hands at Christmastime... (well, a big book -- if we do it with them, it'll be a big heavy hardcover thing).

I also got in the last stories for Bodies of Water -- which may be changing its title! I'm less pleased by the new title, and still hoping to talk them out of it, so I'm not even going to tell you what it is until that's decided. Theoretically, we make final decisions on stories next week. When that happens, I'm going to have a flurry of work -- a bunch of rejection and acceptance letters, followed by line edits on all the accepted stories. There may be a few late nights in my future. It'll be okay, though.

I'm hoping this afternoon (if my stamina holds up) to actually get back to another project that's been languishing -- SH t-shirts and mugs. It got held up because we're trying to redo the design (which is held up further by my ignorance about computer design stuff), but I think we're close to finalizing the new design. And then we'll have more t-shirts! And mugs! Very exciting...

Okie...I should go shower and dress for the M/P, so I'm not still in pyjamas when they arrive. Hope y'all had a good week, and that you're having a lovely and non-stressful Friday. Happy weekend!

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