I still love you guys; I…

I still love you guys; I just got a little overwhelmed for a few days. Mostly back to normal now, I think.

I did end up going to that hip-hop class Monday night (good for me!). It was a lot of fun, but a little sad, I have to say. Leaving aside the fact that I am terribly out of condition and was gasping for breath before we were even halfway through (I can't remember the last time I engaged in a full hour of aerobic activity), I was still the worst dancer there. This sadness is compounded by the fact that I was the only non-white person in the room. In a hip-hop class. They were *all* (including the cute little blond girls) better than me. Most pathetic. But I think I'll go back. Maybe today even.

Tuesday I got up early, did all my grading, went in to classes fully prepared...and all went well until we got to 3:30. I came home for dinner before going back for my 6 o'clock workshop...and I just couldn't bring myself to get out of my chair and go back to campus. Couldn't do it. Not at all, not a bit. Instead I watched the season premiere of Buffy. I would tell y'all all about it, but Karina would kill me, since they're months behind us in Australia, and she takes her Buffy seriously, she does. Is it my fault that Australia is a backward country? Hmmm? But we'll pass over it gracefully for now, only noting that it was a pretty damn kick-ass episode.

I then spent the rest of the evening, some of the night and all of the next morning reading a fantasy novel, Michelle West's The Uncrowned King. Kirsten recommended these to me -- the first two books in the series are fine, not thrilling, but the others since (I've read two so far) are very satisfying if you like that big-fantasy-novel-complicated-plot sort of thing. I do. And as the books go on, she seems to be developing a more lyrical style; really, these are more reminiscent of Kay's stuff than anyone else's work I've read, I think. So if you like Fionavar, you may want to try them. Start at the beginning and be patient. I think Hunter's Oath is the first title.

Then I did some BW work (I'll be done soon, I swear I will), and made some curries for dinner, and went into campus for a conference committee meeting. We're gearing up for the actual conference now, Oct 26-27, so it's starting to get a bit hectic. No worries, though -- I'm one of the people in charge of food, so the food will of course be fabulous, and if the food's good, everyone goes away happy, yes? Then we had a faculty-student mixer at a pub, which was fun, followed by Paul and Marcia coming over, supposedly for Star Trek + dinner. Sadly, we did not succeed in taping Star Trek, so we're postponing that 'til it runs again on Sunday; instead, we played Cosmic Encounter, a fun game I used to play a lot in college, complicated by the fact that I didn't remember the rules so well. (If anyone out there knows the game, drop me a line? I have some questions to ask!)

Which takes us to now; I'm going to do some more BW work, and then some SH work, and then run into campus to get some money because tonight is Poker Night! Some of the grad students are coming over; it's Fall Break at the end of this week (basically two days off), so everyone's in the mood to goof off at night (even if we're frantically catching up during the day).

Kevin arrives for a visit tomorrow. Eep.

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