I just realized that…

I just realized that it's my little sister's birthday this coming weekend, and I'm leaving for WorldCon on Wednesday, and I haven't gotten her anything yet! Because I am a goober. I really would like to make her something, but I'm not sure I'll have time/supplies before Wed. But I might -- I'm almost finished with the collage I'm making for...hmm...it's a present, and I'm not positive that the person who it's for isn't reading this journal, though it's highly unlikely, but never mind, just in case. I'm not sure that sentence made any sense. Anyway. I might have time, is my point.

I've done very little in the last two days -- mostly been recovering from a bad cold. I'm actually feeling almost well today; I have a strange urge to go to the gym. But the gym is closed, because this is Salt Lake on a Sunday (!), and so I am forced to wait 'til tomorrow, which is probably just as well. Part of my brain is saying 'but exercise makes you healthier, so it's okay to go work out', but the cleverer part of my brain is saying 'you're supposed to rest when you're sick, and diverting bodily resources to muscle-building is not the best way to fight off viruses'. So I'm not going to be buff for WorldCon, but I might actually be not sick. That's the hope, anyway -- I mean, I'll probably be sick by the end of it (that's what happens at a six-day convention), but it'd be nice not to be sick at the start. I have a Jedediah to collect a few kisses from, after all.

I'm trying to finish up various and sundry projects before leaving town -- or at least start them. :-) Theoretically, we're going to be offering a downloadable version of SH soon, but the details are a bit up in the air; I'm trying to nail those down. We're starting to talk to Wildside Press about doing a Best-Of POD (print-on-demand) anthology. There's some discussion of size and price; they want to go for a pricey hardover; I think we'd do better with a trade paperback. Though really, they probably know better than I do how this sort of thing sells. I'd like to get another batch of SH contracts and checks out tomorrow, just to be caught up before WorldCon (so if authors come up to me, I can honestly say that their check is in the mail :-). We're planning on putting up a cool staff gallery for our one-year anniversary issue, and I'm nagging people on that. We're adding a music section, and I'm trying to get the music editors up to speed. And somewhere in there, I need to write an anniversary editorial, or get Brian to do it. Oof -- lots of stuff going on! I suspect that once the anniversary issue is up, and all the new changes are in place, I'm going to be somewhat passive about SH for a while -- which is probably just as well, since it'll give people time to get accustomed to the changes. There are dangers in trying to change too much, too fast.

I should probably get back to work -- most of today is dedicated to alternating reading of Ben Franklin's autobiography (for my early American Lit class) with cleaning; I want the place to be spotless when I leave town. For no good reason, really. Just 'cause I'm compulsive.

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