I went to the art store…

I went to the art store the other day and bought various supplies, including a large-ish container to hold stuff, with a big label on it -- ArtBin. My next stop was Sam Weller's, where I picked up some used books for class -- the checkout clerk looked at the box and asked, "Oh, are you an artist?"

I was startled, and my immediate response was a rather flustered "No!"

It's funny, how I don't think of myself as an artist, despite making things that sell in art shows, and which other people seem to call art. It's especially funny, given that I called myself a writer almost as soon as I started writing -- and in some ways, I *know* that I'm a better artist after six months of making this stuff than I was a writer after six months of writing. I don't even think it's that my standards are exactly higher for art than for writing. I think it's just that somewhere deep in my soul, I'm convinced that artists are people who can *draw*.

You think that's goofy? You should see the discussion Todd's been having on the subject...

Btw, thanks for the nice words on the coasters. The set I made the other day is already bought (!) but if you're interested in getting a different set, drop me a line.

I'd tell you more about my first day of classes, but I'm still sick and feeling awfully groggy, so I'm going to go back to watching The Weakest Link. Boy, I'm glad I'm not on that show. I'll just say that it was a good day, if exhausting. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about all the classes in the next few months.

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