Sorry for the long…

Sorry for the long quiet, munchkins. I came back to Salt Lake, only to find that my cable modem had been turned off. I've been dialing-in, which is slow and tedious enough that I've been spending a minimum of time on-line. Which isn't really an excuse, given that I'm writing this entry off-line...but it did make it pretty easy to not update.

I've lost track of where I left off. In case I didn't cover it, had a nice last couple of days in the Bay Area. Paul and Marcia picked me up at the airport when I got back to Salt Lake; it was nice to have company while facing the disaster that was my apartment post-evil sublettor. Ugh. Not only was all his crap all over the place (icky sweaty nasty crap), but he was just generally a pig. He only lived here a month -- maybe less than a month -- and the carpets all have new stains in them. I've cleaned up the rest of his junk (with much help from the fabulous P&M) and dumped it in my landlord's garage until we find out the legalities of dealing with it. I'm having people come to give the carpets a deep scrubbing tomorrow. Then I'll be finally done -- most of the last couple of days have been spent cleaning.

I feel like I owe you a long, detailed entry -- but honestly, I don't think I could make it interesting. I'm glad school is starting again. I spent a few hours today re-reading Plato's "Phaedrus" in preparation for a class; I've got tons of prep work to do tomorrow for the course I'm teaching -- and when I'm not studying or cleaning or watching tv, I'm sad. I'm going for the work-'til-you're-exhausted and then watch-tv-so-you-don't-think coping plan. Working okay.

It's pouring rain here. It was threatening thunderstorms all day -- all evening, the tv shows were punctuated with severe storm warnings. The storm finally arrived -- I had been waiting for it for hours; I thought it would make me happy. I love thunderstorms. I stuck my head out the window for a while, felt the rain against my skin.

Then I came back in to watch tv some more.

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