It is so dreary, to wake…

It is so dreary, to wake up after nightmares to a morning with no new journal entries. Sadness. Sorrow. Melancholy.

But the morning is improved by David putting on the tea for me and being generally cheerful (it's funny how different it is depending on which of us gets up first -- that's the one who gets to be cranky for half an hour at the other one :-). And there was some good e-mail in my box. And I had leftover curry for breakfast. So right now, I'm feeling fine.

Theoretically, I'm writing a story today. The one they have for BW, "Monsoon Day", really isn't very sexy. It's just a little sexy; it's mostly literary. So they've asked me to pretty please try to write something else, and I will attempt to oblige. I don't have an idea yet. Must force idea into head. Will go sit in Jasmine's chair (yes, David's cat has the comfiest chair in the house) and stare at the ceiling until an idea appears. And if I'm very lucky and an idea appears and I manage to write it today, then I'll try doing the same thing tomorrow, because two is better than one, no? Monday I'll go back to doing other work. Unless I give up in disgust first.

I'm finally getting some old projects cleared off my plate -- Jed may find this dubious, given that he's seen my to-do list, but it's actually getting much shorter. Next week, Cecilia Tan and I are hoping to put together a book proposal for Betsy Mitchell at Warner; we have all the raw information we need, and now just need to write it up. I'm going to do the first draft of it, and ask Cecilia to go over it with a sharp eye. It would be much fun to be working on a sf anthology next spring or summer; a nice change from watery erotica. :-)

10:15. Nonono. M'ris does not get to blame me for the lack of literary orgasms on her page, though I do admit to nagging her to update soon soon soon. It is her fault that her journal entry each morning invariably makes me smile, just as it is her responsibility to provide us with as many literary orgasms as possible. Don't you agree?

I'll have to think about my own literary orgasms in the meantime. In various sense of the words.

9:15. Finished a story, "How it Started", around 4-ish today. About five hours start to finish, 3200 words. It's a little rougher than "Wild Roses", and a lot smuttier. It may work for BW -- if it doesn't, it'll probably work for a lesbian collection. Hmm...I don't think I've submitted anything to Best Lesbian Erotica yet; cool -- new market. Anyway, that was satisfying; after that, I read a little of Tim Powers's Declare, which to be honest, isn't grabbing me yet. I'm going to give it a few more chapters before I give up. I may just be too groggy today to fight through all the spy and WWII lingo. Made a nice Singapore chicken curry for dinner, to go with various leftovers. We're eating a lot of curry these days. I'm not complaining. :-) Then....hmm...I guess I reread some of a Star Trek novel, for comfort (My Enemy, My Ally), and chatted with David, and posted some to the Tangent newsgroup (Tangent reviews short fiction in sf/f), and updated my journal. That's all for tonight, my dears. Three updates in one day -- I wouldn't normally inflict that on you, but I did want to tell you about finishing a story. Woohoo!

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