Hey, guys. Hmm…I…

Hey, guys. Hmm...I think I'm supposed to catch you up on yesterday. I worked at home in the morning, but was up in Berkeley by 11-ish. I stopped by Pier 1, and found to my satisfaction that there were several frames that would be suitable for my collaging desires. I'm trying to put together a set for the WesterCon art show -- I only have three with me: "Beyond the Lemon Tree", "Stone and Wave", and "Her Body Awakened", and I'd like to have a few more for the show. I'm working on "Fraying Edges" now, a very old poem of mine -- one of the first, actually. I revised it heavily for this. :-) And I have several more possibilities in mind; we'll see how it goes. I'm trying to pick ones with sf/f elements for these shows when possible; I haven't written so much speculative poetry, though, so I may run out soon (and have to write more, which I will then submit to Tim P., so it's not all a bad thing).

Then hung out at Cafe Elodie, on Shattuck -- a new cafe for me, but one I like -- decent chai, lots of outlets, music not too loud. What more could a girl ask? Susan showed up in the afternoon, and we worked reasonably productively together for a few hours, plus some chatting. :-) Then we went back to her place, got her car, swung by Office Max and got a printer cartridge, swung by Joann Fabrics where I got some ribbons to use in "Fraying Edges", and went back to her place where she printed out "Monsoon Day" for me, thereby saving my ass. I needed something to read at the reading -- it would have been an embarrassing nuisance pulling out my laptop! :-)

It was lovely seeing Ginu, my teacher again (I'm trying to coax a story out of her for BW; we'll see). The reading went well, I think -- it was a little odd reading to an audience that was almost entirely South Asian (Jed and David did come to support me, for which I am very grateful; I was feeling pretty emotionally drained by the end of the reading. Readings are tiring). "Monsoon Day" was actually probably the least erotic/explicit of the stories read, which is kind of an odd position for me to find myself in. I'm not used to thinking that I should have picked a sexier story. Still, people liked it well enough, and I sold two copies of my book, so some people must have liked it more than a little. :-)

Came home, talked to Kev a bit, crashed.

This morning, I'm working on collages. I'm planning on stopping by Lacis, a fabulous little shop that sells all kinds of vintage fabrics and bits and bobs. I may want some for collaging. It's nice having an excuse to buy that kind of thing. :-) Then up to Berkeley, to work at Cafe Elodie for a while, and meet up with Wendy (of an old writing group) and Daniel for tea and chatting. Back home for dinner; David's making his trademarked spaghetti. Mmm... It reminds me of good times in Philly; back when I met him, that was pretty close to the only thing he cooked. (Heh. I just know he's going to take issue with that statement when he reads this... :-)

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