So the first thing, that…

So the first thing, that I should have mentiod a while ago, is that I'm performing tomorrow night as part of a South Asian literary event, Junglee Juice. All the details are on the site; the relevant bit is that I'll be part of the Thursday night erotica reading, $5-10 sliding scale, at 1246 Folsom Street. I hope all you local types can attend! :-) It should be fun -- my prof from Mills, Ginu Kamani, is putting this together, and she's great. I'm still trying to figure out what to read -- "Monsoon Day" is actually the right length, but she asked for something funny, if possible. That story is not funny. Not even a little bit. I don't do funny so much, and none of the funny I've done so far is South Asian. I suppose I could try to write something new today or tomorrow -- eep. We'll see.

And speaking of South Asian erotica, for those of you (shameless people) who haven't yet picked up a copy of Aqua Erotica, I've added Seven Cups of Water to my stories page. Now you can read it there -- but you should still feel a little guilty for not buying my book. :-)

Speaking of buying books (I'm feeling very free associative today), here's that list of books I want and can't afford to buy right now. If any locals have 'em and want to lend 'em, I'd appreciate it. Tim? Heather? M'ris? Karen?

  • Iain M. Banks - Look to Windward
  • Ellen Datlow, ed. - Vanishing Acts
  • Andy Duncan - Beluthahatchie and Other Stories
  • Mary Gentle - Ash: A Secret History
  • Molly Gloss - Wild Life
  • Kathleen Ann Goonan - Queen City Jazz
  • Nalo Hopkinson, ed. - whispers from the cotton tree root
  • Tanith Lee - White as Snow
  • Ursula K. LeGuin - The Telling
  • Tim Powers - Declare
  • Sean Stewart - Mockingbird, Galveston
  • Laurel Winter - Growing Wings
I suppose with my birthday coming, I should add these to my Amazon wish list too, but many of these are still in hardcover, and I don't actually want the hardcover versions. They take up too much room on my shelves to no good purpose. So I'd like to borrow the hardcovers (so I don't have to wait), and get copies of the paperbacks. to Amazon for a bit, I guess. Then more work work work. I mostly rested yesterday, finishing the Martin, but now the work is starting to nag at me again -- my piles are too tall, and must be shortened.

Addendum: Rough day.

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