Hey, munchkins. So, I’m…

Hey, munchkins. So, I'm waffling a little. I wrote this story a while back, "Monsoon Day", yes? It's a story of Medha about forty years after the events chronicled in "Seven Cups of Water" (which appeared in the first Aqua Erotica collection (which, now that I think of it, has been out long enough that I can and probably should add it to my stories page...another project)). I really like this new story. I read it at WisCon to very positive comments. My writing teacher really liked it. I'm thinking its my best current shot for publication in The New Yorker, or The Atlantic Monthly or one of the big literary magazines. I'm itching a little to send it out. And yet -- it would be so appropriate to carry it in Bodies of Water. It's only somewhat sexy, so the Melcher people want me to hold on to it and make sure the rest of the collection is sexy enough to balance it, but they too love the story and would really like me to run it in the collection. And I'm just not sure what to do. It would be very satisfying to run it in the collection -- it would, I think, be even more satisfying to see it in the New Yorker. But their last response time on a sub of mine was six months -- I wouldn't likely hear back from them before it was time to decide about BW. Argh.

In other news, had a lovely day yesterday, work interspersed with Susan and Karen and Heather and Jed. :-) And David, of course. Today, I think I'm going to take it relatively easy, because I spent some time coughing last night, and I really don't want to come down with anything!! M'ris is sick, and she sounds miserable, and I would like to stay out of that boat (although I did try to convince David that we could bring her down some chicken soup -- or chicken curry, at least. M'ris, you want curry? flowers? visitors bearing tea?) So instead of trying to write today (the original plan), I'm going to finish the Martin instead, and possibly write the review for NYRSF (New York Review of Science Fiction, but that's the last time I'm spelling it out for you, okay?). I might have been further along, but I took two hours yesterday to read the latest Mrs. Pollifax novel. Other Change of Hobbit is an evil bookstore. Evil! I also picked up Emshwiller's Ledoyt, although I think it'll have to wait until after Perdido Street Station. They also talked me into buying the February issue of Locus, the year in review, and now I have a whole new list of books I want -- the book budget is growing slim, though. I think I may shift to borrowing for a bit. Heather, when M'ris finishes the sequel to Sabriel, can I borrow it?

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