Hey, munchkins. Gosh,…

Hey, munchkins. Gosh, vacation is nice. The day just rolls out so mellow. Today I woke up at nine, checked e-mail, read journals, had some croissant and tea, chatted with David and then Roshani, showered and dressed, and now, at 11:30, am planning on going to campus, where I will stop in a few bookstores, have some samosas for lunch (tradition), and take photos of the campus. It's a gorgeous sunny day -- by 2ish, the sun should be low enough to give me some decent shadows. If I were more patient, I'd wait 'til 4 or 5, but I'm not. Ah well.

I'm thinking that I'm going to take that U Chicago poem I wrote for Jed (well, 'cause of Jed, because we were talking about places, not exactly for him, but you know what I mean) and a big frame, 14x18 maybe. I'll convert my photos to black and white (I could take them in b/w to begin with; the camera has that option -- but I think I'd rather have them in color -- or I might just take each photo twice, though that might be a bit of a nuisance), print them out, and them collage them with the poem. I think it could create a pretty cool effect. I think I'll probably mix in photos of the university with photos of places where we hung out, like the Medici, and photos of places that were significant just to me. Of course, too many, and the whole thing will get cluttered and hard to read. Striking a balance is the tricky thing. We'll see how it goes.

I probably ought to just give in and take an art class. Maybe I can squeeze one in next fall, or next spring. If I'm going to keep doing this stuff, then having some sense of color theory, or the effect of white space, or foreground/background, etc. might be a good thing. It might at least give me more confidence that I know what I'm doing. I took such a class in college, but I'm pretty sure I've forgotten everything I learned then. Much of college feels that way, but boy, I had a good time. :-)

Before I go, M'ris, here's a list of kids' sf. I'm afraid I don't have time to go through right now and tell you which stories don't have any sex in them at all, but I *have* read most of these, so if you ask me about a specific one, I can probably tell you. It may also just serve to jog your memory of books you've read.

Happy Friday, my dears!

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