My life is…

My life is babysitting.

Not really, but yesterday was pretty much spent going over to Roshani's, hanging out with her, watching the baby off and on. And this afternoon, I'm going to do that some more, though I plan to be home by dinnertime today. Don't know that there's so much to say about it -- baby cute, baby gets fretful when she's tired, just like me, baby pretty easy-going in general. Arms tired. Good preparation for having Kevin move boxes in a few weeks, he says. Right.

I've started making preparations for WisCon; I suddenly realized that it's next week! I'm going to try to do a few more collages this weekend; I can take them all up with me, and then see which ones look best on display in the Art Show. Roshani gave me an idea for a cool thing to do with one of them, but it's a surprise. I'll show you if it works out.

I've just barely started reading for BW. One story, so far. I may do some more this evening, but I'm really planning on diving in this weekend. We'll see how it goes. I would dive in tomorrow, but I need to run around doing various errands tomorrow instead. Pick up a book, stop at the art store, take photos of campus, return something to another store -- hmm...those are in totally the wrong order. Never mind. There might even be enough to do that it would be worth making a to-do list for the day. The last month of school, I had a to-do list for every day, including weekends; it was the only way to get through relatively intact. I haven't made such a list since I arrived here two weeks ago. Is nice. Is very nice.

I think I'm just starting to relax, really. I was in such revved up gear for that crunch semester, and now it's sinking in that I really don't have to race at all this summer. Some work, yes, but at a much more mellow pace. The plan is to mostly focus on BW stuff until mid-June or so, and then focus on my book for the second half of the summer. We'll have to wait and see how well the plan works. :-)

Anyway, time to go shower and get dressed. Is nice floating around the apartment in my nightie all morning, but I probably shouldn't go outside dressed like this. :-)

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