Hmm…yesterday really…

Hmm...yesterday really didn't go as planned. I worked hard all morning, and was still working hard at lunchtime, so I kept going, rather than packing up and moving to Borders. And kept going and going and suddenly it was 6 p.m. Ah well. So there's a bunch of things I meant to do that I didn't, but I got other things done that weren't on the schedule. My desk is almost clean! Astonishing!

Much of yesterday was spent with SH stuff, as we wrangle out the details of a downloadable version. I'd go into it all here, but I'm frankly exhausted. I hope we settle this within the next couple of days so I don't have to think about it anymore. The very brief gist is that it looks like we may have another company do it for us, and the question still unresolved is whether we want to offer it for free or charge something nominal for it. I'm torn, but the staff seems to be leaning towards free. Hopefully more of them will chime in today so I can get a better sense of what they really want.

It turns out that Jeremy is willing to distribute mugs and t-shirts over the summer (I may give him a box of AE to distribute for me as well, but we'll see about that -- I'm not sure if a nice Mormon boy is allowed to keep a box of erotic books in his apartment). So that's good. I just sent off the last t-shirt of the first batch, so I'm going to check the budget and then order more t-shirts. I need to talk to Lucy, our main graphic design person, before doing the mugs -- another task for this morning, I think.

I also need to send off some faxes and letters for BW -- and I really need to do them this week, which means today, so perhaps I'd best go prepare those rather than chatting with y'all right now. I can come back and chat with you later, if time permits. I hope you're all having a good week -- the day here looks like it's going to be beautiful, at least for a while, though I suspect it will end up too hot.

6:30 p.m. It didn't actually get hot today -- it stayed lightly cool, lovely and spring-like all day. I hear we'll be having some rain soon; that'll be good, I think.

I'm feeling oddly exhausted -- not sure why. It wasn't really that difficult a day -- worked solidly in the morning, went in to campus, met with students, went to class, sent some faxes for BW, came home for lunch, went downtown and sent out various things (birthday presents, SH t-shirts) from the post office, checked my P.O. Box (nothing, sadly -- y'all don't love me anymore...), bought a few skirts at 80% off (!), came back, ate dinner, did laundry. Maybe it's just that the day's not done -- normally Thursday would be my evening off, the end of the work week, but tonight's my reading on campus, and in fifteen minutes I need to head over there. I'm supposed to go over to a friend's afterwards to hang out and play board games; that sounds like fun, but I may just be too tired. We'll see.

12:30 a.m. Just got back from Erin and Kelly's. I really wish I'd gotten to know them better earlier; they're both really cool, and sadly, they're graduating this spring and taking off at the end of the summer, so after two weeks from now, nada. On the plus side, they're both planning on submitting stories to BW, so they shouldn't be entirely out of touch. That part's good. Had a fun time hanging out with them, playing Yahtzee (I did okay, but Marcia and Erin both got Yahtzees and stomped the rest of us), chatting, gossiping, drinking a little red wine. I only had a glass or so, but I'm nonetheless feeling totally toasted -- I think I must be tired and maybe a little ill. I'll go to sleep soon and sleep 'til 9, hopefully. I have a student coming at 9:30, so I can't sleep later than that. And then I read history until my meeting with Anand at 3:00.

I'm babbling, aren't I? I'm feeling a little emotional, I think. It's the wine. Happy from hanging out with friends. Sad that they'll be going. Stressed about getting everything done. Emotion emotion emotion. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a little squishy sponge of emotions -- poke me, and another emotion will squirt out at you.

How's that for an appetizing image? Yumyum. Ick.

It's my nature to be emotional. Kevin called me up a couple nights ago and had me take a personality test with him -- he'd found a used book in a bin and thought it might be fun. It was an abbreviated version of the one the psych people use to test for personality disorders. Hmm...I was going to tell you about mine but I think I'll wait until I get to Chicago and can type in some of the stuff from the book properly. Some of it's pretty funny. It pegged me and Kevin pretty much dead on, I think. I will say that the category (there are fourteen) that I tested most strongly on (i.e., have strong tendencies towards) was "dramatic". Which goes with very emotional. Which, if taken to extremes, leads to "histrionic" personality disorder. I also tested very high on "conscientous", which could potential lead to "obsessive-compulsive" disorder. More on this later. I actually test quite safely with the average human being sanity range, if that's a comfort to you. I'm not sure it should be, since I have real doubts that the average human is all that sane. On the other hand, is sanity really such a virtue? Is it?

Okay, bed. Bed bed bed.

I miss my guys. I mean, I miss each one specifically, along with a lot of other people, but right now, I just want one of them here to pour water into me and put me to bed. A lullaby would be nice.

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