I started making a…

I started making a packing list today. I'm not leaving for two weeks, but there's so much that I need to not forget about. I'm not sure how to handle some things, like: do I haul several copies of AE around with me, in case I need to ship some out to potential big name authors? do I bring all the revision notes for all the stories I *might* work on? do I pack all the books I might read? since I'll be in Chicago for a month, should I just ship a box of stuff to Kevin? and then ship it on to Jed or David since I'll be in the Bay Area mostly after that (with a week or so in L.A. and Seattle, and a few days in Portland)? What should I do about my mail forwarding -- especially crucial in May, since people will still be sending in manuscripts for AE? Eep eep eep. I've never been mobile for such a long stretch before -- all my summer clothes will fit into a light carry-on bag if I'm careful, but my work materials are going to be heavy and painful. If I'm hopping on and off trains, do I really want to lug all this stuff around?

Anyway. You see the difficulty. I think the tentative plan is to fly to Chicago first, lugging as much as necessary since there will be cars on either end. Then fly from there to the Bay Area in early June, still lugging. Then leave most of the stuff at David or Jed's, when I take the train down to L.A. for a week (probably third week of June); travel light. Come back up to the Bay Area for a week or so. Go up to WesterCon in Portland for a few days with Jed (fly?) in early July. Continue on by train to Seattle and visit Kirsten for a week or so. Take the train back to Portland? Fly back? Make Jed or David throw me a birthday part at the end of July? Just hang out in the Bay Area from then until mid-August and fly back to Salt Lake, lugging my stuff.

Something like that, anyway. Looks a little crazy, don't you think?

Today I need to finish up some odds and ends, finish my dishes, clean my room, and then go to Borders for the afternoon. There I will hopefully do the first draft of my Kathryn paper, and also do some browsing for possible authors to solicit BW stories from. I have a student conference at 6, so I'll come back for that. I think I may cook in the morning, so I can just eat leftovers for dinner, rather than expecting to have the energy to cook then. That sounds reasonable, yes? Seems a manageable day, no? I'm really trying to get everything done, but also not work myself into a state in the process. :-)

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